Kurokawa Seiryu Park

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Photo: A bridge in Kurokawa Seiryu Park

One thing I love to do in my free time is wander around and explore, so when I found out Hino has a number of walking courses, I had to give them a go! The first one I tried out was the nature and parks course. This scenic route starts at JR Toyoda Station and takes you straight through one of Hino’s lovely parks – Kurokawa Seiryu Park. The adventurous types can follow the course all the way to JR Hino Station, but for first-timers, I’d recommend walking the length of the park and looping back to Toyoda Station. This half-course is flat enough for children and seniors to enjoy, and is also the perfect length for some light exercise at around a thirty-minute walking time.

photo: Fish swimming in clear water

Kurokawa Seiryu Park, or Kurokawa Clearwater Park, is highlighted by a lazy stream flowing between a constellation of small ponds. The name “Clearwater” definitely fits, as the water is so clear you’d hardly know it was there if it weren’t for the gentle current. I was surprised how perfectly I could see this group of wild koi fish! There’s a gazebo right in the middle of the koi pond which would be the perfect spot to read a novel or have a little picnic.

photo: A duck playing in the water

Apart from the koi, Kurokawa Seiryu Park is also home to a wide range of wildlife, like this duck. I remember when I was a kid, people would call children who loved playing in water “puddle-ducks.” If you have a little puddle-duck of your own, the shallow river and ponds would be great for an afternoon romp!

photo: A cicada's exoskeleton

What with the forest and the shallow water, there’s also a good variety of bugs and creepy crawlies for the bug-catcher types. While I was walking, I found butterflies, dragonflies, stick bugs, and this cicada exoskeleton.

photo: Inside Kawasemi House

If you’re curious about the wildlife or the local ecosystem, you can check out the Kawasemi House community center immediately neighboring Kurokawa Seiryu Park. The building is full of Japanese resources about the area and upcoming local events. The interior design is focused on woodwork and nature, so it’s really got this warm, outdoorsy kind of feel. It’s definitely worth a quick peek on your way back from the park!

Access Information

Getting There

  • The full-length Japanese nature and parks course map can be accessed from the sixth link on the page (Japanese title: 日野の原風景コース・水と緑の公園コース).


The round-trip walk from Toyoda Station to Kurokawa Seiryu Park and back is mostly flat and paved. This simplified course can be enjoyed by all ages.

The full nature and parks course includes a steep climb, as well as some walking through natural paths and uneven terrain that may be difficult for seniors and small children.

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