2019 Tengu Bar

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Toyoda Beer 4th Anniversary and the 2019 Tengu Bar

About the Event

What is Tengu Bar?

The 2019 Tengu Bar is an event for foodies to get to know the restaurants and bars in Toyoda in celebration of Toyoda Beer’s 4th anniversary. The event is a collaboration between Toyoda Beer, the gourmet guide Hino Umaimon Daizukan, and 18 restaurants/bars in the Toyoda area. (P.S. If you haven’t heard of a “tengu” before, it’s the long-nosed mythological creature depicted on the Toyoda Beer label!)

What is Toyoda Beer?

It’s a modern revival of a beer once made in the Tokyo Tama region’s oldest brewery, which was right here in Hino. In its three years (almost 4!) of production, Toyoda Beer has won international acclaim and become a local favorite at Hino events.

How to Enjoy the 2019 Tengu Bar

Time and Place


Main Event: Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 5 pm through 10 pm
Period to Use Leftover Tickets: July 28, 2019 through August 3, 2019


All participating restaurants will be in close walking distance of Toyoda Station, which services the JR Chuo Line. The central event stall will be just outside Toyoda Station's North exit (the side facing Aeon Mall).

How to Participate

  • Purchase Tengu Bar tickets at the Tengu Bar central event stall outside Toyoda Station between 5 pm and 10 pm on Saturday, July 27 & put on an event wristband. Tickets come in sets of 3 for 3,000 yen (1,000 yen per ticket).

  • Grab a copy of the Tengu Bar event flyer with the map and list of participating restaurants. (You can also view it online at the menu section of this page)

  • Using the map and menu photos on the flyer as reference, pick a restaurant and head over. At the restaurant, show your wristband and redeem a ticket. One ticket will get you the meal shown in the picture on the event menu corresponding to that restaurant’s number, along with a Toyoda Beer.

  • Don’t worry about using all three tickets on July 27. While the special event menus are only available on the 27th, leftover Tengu Bar tickets can be used at the participating restaurants as 1,000 yen discount coupons any time between 7/28 and 8/3. Drink responsibly :)

Tengu Bar 7/27 (Sat.) Event Menus

One ticket will get you the menu described below plus a Toyoda Beer at the restaurant corresponding to the number on the Japanese menu (PDF linked below). Note that some restaurants offer a choice between different options, which are both shown in the menu photo. Check the list below for tips for how to order at these restaurants.

Tip for families: Only adults 20 and up are allowed in restaurants #6, #9, #14, and #16. Children are welcome in #13 until 9 pm, after which the restaurant is restricted to drinking-age adults only.


# July 27 Tengu Bar Event Menu (all include one Toyoda Beer)
1 2 pieces of fried chicken and a vegetable medley made with Hino-grown produce
2 Assortment of 3 appetizers
3 Salt-grilled beef tongue (gyutan)

Caponata with seasonal vegetables and your choice of 3 hors-d’oeuvres (out of 12 options)

If you don’t know Japanese and are having trouble ordering, try saying “おすすめ で おまかせ します / o-susume de o-makase shimasu (Give me the 3 most recommended)"

5 Sushi with Japanese wagyu beef
6 Fried eggplant and tomato stew with soy-soaked edamame
7 Italian a la carte: Your choice of pizza (say “ピザ / pi-zuh”) or pasta (say “パスタ / pasuta”)
8 Gyoza, soy-marinated boiled egg, and boiled beef tendon
9 Cheeze and Kamakura salami
10 Garlic fried shrimp
11 Cream cheese with whiskey-soaked fruit
12 Shrimp and edamame consommé gelée with roast beef
13 3 grilled chicken skewers
14 3 Okinawan cuisine samplers
15 Tempura assortment
16 Raisin butter
17 Charcoal grilled meat
18 Your choice of pasta (say “ナポリタン / na-poh-li-tan”) or tomato rice soup (say “トマト ぞうすい / tomato zow-suey”)

On July 27, you can receive a 50% off discount on select anti-hangover drinks at the drugstores marked 19 & 20 on the Tengu Bar map. The discount applies to one drink per person with a Tengu Bar wristband (this deal does not consume a ticket, and is only available on July 27).

Tips for People with Limited Japanese Fluency

At most Tengu Bar restaurants, the menu you get in exchange for a ticket is fixed, so basic survival Japanese should be enough to hand over a ticket and get your food. We recommend bringing the Japanese flyer with the menu as a back-up.

The text in large brown font on the flyer’s Japanese menu is the names of the restaurants. If you can’t read Japanese, be sure to bring the flyer with you so you can compare the shapes of the Japanese characters with the restaurant signboards. 

To ask if you’re at the correct restaurant, use your flyer to point at the number you’re looking for and ask, “この おみせ で あっていますか? / kono o-mise de atte-imasu ka? (Is this the same restaurant as here?)”

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