Takahata Momiji Illumination

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About the Takahata Momiji Illumination

Every November, the area around Takahatafudo Station transforms from Tokyo streets into romantic lantern-lit trails. Several thousand lanterns are positioned throughout the Takahata shopping district, including a number of elegantly hand-carved yume-akari “dream lanterns.” The gently wavering candlelight and live music make for a magical evening, especially against the backdrop of Takahata Fudo-son’s five-storied pagoda and blushing trees. The Takahata Momiji Illumination is an excellent place to make a memory of Japan's fleeting autumn nights.

Trail of artisan yume-akari lanterns at the 2017 Takahata Momiji Illumination

Information about the 2018 Takahata Momiji Illumination

Time and Place

Date: November 22 (Friday) and 23 (Saturday), 2019

When: 5:00 pm through 8:00 pm

Where: The area surrounding Takahatafudo Station and Takahata Fudo-son

Getting There:

Taking public transportation is recommended.

Local buses, the Keio train line, and Tama Monorail all stop at Takahatafudo Station. The illumination will be visible upon exiting the station.

In Event of Inclement Weather:

The Takahata Momiji Illumination uses candlelight instead of electric lighting. In event of rain or strong winds, the event may be cancelled or postponed. Notifications, if applicable, will be posted on Hino City's official English twitter.

2019 Illumination Overview

Candlelit Paths

The streets around the Takahata shopping arcade between Takahatafudo Station and Takahata Fudo-son will be lined with several thousand candlelit lanterns. Some path sections will also include props and/or fall-themed decorations.

Yume-akari “Dream Lantern” Display

The street adjacent to Takahatafudo Station will feature around 500 yume-akari dream lanterns. Yume-akari are artistic lanterns hand-carved to show silhouettes of various pictures and patterns. Popular motifs include flowers and local scenery.

Takahata Fudo-son Temple Grounds & Mini Tea Ceremonies

The pagoda and temple grounds near the main entrance of Takahata Fudo-son will be illuminated with lanterns and a yume-akari display. Mini Japanese-style tea ceremonies will be held near the entrance starting 4:00 pm both days.

Stamp Rally

Collect stamps from three locations around the illumination paths for a chance to win a prize. The rally starts at 5:00 pm both days. Bring a completed stamp sheet to the goal (marked "D" on the stamp sheet map) to spin for a chance to collect a prize.

Live Music

There will be mini concerts held in two locations along the illumination paths. The music will be audible while walking along the adjacent paths, but there will also be small seating areas near the musicians. Concerts will start at 5:40 pm on Friday and 5:00 pm on Saturday, and will run until 8:00 pm both days.

Kimono Model Photo Session

Take photographs of kimono-clad models in front of the lantern paths. Open to the first 100 people to apply starting 5:30 pm on 11/23 in the Takahata Fudo-son grounds (application and participation is free of charge). The photo session starts at 6:00 pm on 11/23 and runs until 7:30 pm.

Tip for English Speakers

No Japanese proficiency is needed to enjoy the Takahata Momiji Illumination. However, please be aware that local restaurants and shops along the illuminated path may not be able to communicate in English.

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