Hino Sangyo Festival

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About the Hino Sangyo Festival

The Hino Sangyo Festival is a two-day long event that’s been a part of Hino’s calendar for over 50 years. The Festival takes place each November beneath the autumn sky and colorful trees surrounding the Shimin-no-Mori Fureai Hall. The event has the feel of a county fair, with food stalls, entertainment, a kids’ play area, and booths showcasing the fruits of local workers’ everyday endeavors.

True to its name, the Hino Sangyo Festival has a focus on connecting people with local agriculture, commerce, and industry (called “sangyo” in Japanese). You can visit displays by farmers, engineers, businesses, and organizations to get a feel of what goes on behind the scenes in Hino’s business sectors.

Cart of Vegetables with a Decorated Pumpkin

Information about the 2019 Hino Sangyo Festival

Time and Place

Date: November 9 (Saturday) and 10 (Sunday), 2019

When: 10:00 am through 3:00 pm (Saturday), 9:30 am through 3:00 pm (Sunday)

Where: In and around the Shimin-no-Mori Fureai Hall

Getting There:

Taking public transportation is recommended.

Chuo Line: 13 minute walk from JR Hino Station

Tama Monorail: 10 minute walk from Koshukaido Station

Map of area surrounding the Hino Sangyo Festival grounds and closest train stations

2019 Event Program

The Hino Sangyo Festival grounds are divided into multiple areas. Collect 3 stamps from around the festival for a chance to win prizes in the stamp rally!

Area A: The Agricultural Area (Nakata-no-mori Sanshi Park)

  • Various food stalls
  • Various booths introducing local agriculture
  • Vegetable Exhibition
  • Miniature Horse Petting (10:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm on Sunday)

Area B: Fair Street (Shimin-no-mori Fureai Hall Parking Lot)

  • Various food and drink stands
  • Picnic & Rest Areas
  • Toyoda Beer (World Beer Awards Japan Winner)
  • Straight-from-the-farm produce stalls
  • Sister and Partner Cities booth
  • Car Display (featuring the Hino Police and Firefighters, the Japan Self-Defense Forces, and Hino Motors)

Area C: Fureai Hall

In the Community Hall:

  • Stage Performances
  • Community bazaar and various service/consulting booths
  • Baked Curry Bread (local specialty)
  • Food Drive (Donate packaged food with expiration dates in January 2020 or later. Food collected will be given to local childcare institutions.)

In the Multipurpose Hall:

  • Engineering Exhibition
  • Try-it-Yourself Engineering (10:00 am through 2:30 pm)
  • Toy Car Racing

Area D: Sports Park

  • Miniature Train Ride (child sized)
  • Dance Fest
  • Try Playing Disabled Sports (10:00 am through 12:00 pm Saturday)
  • Jumbo Jenga, Jumbo Othello, and other lawn games for kids (Sunday)

Tip for English Speakers

All festival-goers are welcome regardless of Japanese fluency, but we recommend that Japanese language learners bring a Japanese-speaking friend or family member to enjoy the festival fully.

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