Hirayama Sueshige Festival

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About the Hirayama Sueshige Festival

Hino is known as the hometown of several of the Shinsengumi samurai police force’s leading members. However, Hino’s history of producing fearsome warriors traces back much, much further than the 19th century! The Hirayama Sueshige Festival gets its name from a Hino-born samurai warrior named Hirayama Sueshige, who fought in an epic power struggle of the 12th century. Hirayama’s name is mentioned in several works of medieval Japanese literature, and is a source of pride for locals to this day.

The Hirayama Sueshige Festival is a family-oriented celebration of local history and Hino’s close-knit community. The festival is held near the legendary warrior’s former home. Events include performances by local children, games, and crafts. Starting 2018, the festival also includes a children’s archery contest with toy bows.

Group dressed in medieval Japanese attire at the 2017 Hirayama Sueshige Festival

Information about the 2019 Hirayama Sueshige Festival

Time and Place

When: 9:00 am through around 3:00 pm

Date: October 27, 2019 (Sunday)

Where: Hirayama Sueshige Community Center (Hirayama Library) and around Hirayamajoshi-koen Station

Getting There:

Hirayamajoshi-koen Station is accessible via the Keio line. Hirayama Sueshige Community Center is a 1 minute walk from the station.

The Hirayama Archery Contest

Teams of children compete to hit targets with toy bows (preregistration required). Starts at 10:40 am on the 3rd floor of the Hirayama Sueshige Community Center. Finals will be held at 1:20 pm outside in the parking lot.


  • Performances by local day care and preschool students
  • Japanese taiko drumline performance

Booths and Activities

  • Food Stalls (Hirayama Sueshige Community Center & Marche Hirayama parking lot): Yakisoba, takoyaki, hot dogs, shaved ice, gyoza, drinks, and cotton candy
  • Hirayama Elementary PTA Booths (Hirayama Sueshige Community Center 2nd floor): Enjoy kid-friendly crafts and games
  • Toy Archery Games (Hirayama Sueshige Community Center 1st floor): Use toy bows to try to hit targets. Play standing or while riding a rodeo machine.
  • The Life of Hirayama Sueshige: museum-style panels explaining who Hirayama Sueshige was

The Medieval Warrior Parade

Between 9:00 am and 10:30 am, the children participating in the Hirayama Archery Contest will dress up as medieval warriors and parade from the Marche Hirayama parking lot to Soinji, a nearby temple related to Hirayama Sueshige. The children will take a short break at the temple, then parade back to Marche Hirayama. The “warriors” will wear self-designed cardstock armor plates and carry colorful flags.

Tip for Language Learners

The Hirayama Sueshige festival welcomes all guests regardless of Japanese fluency, but we recommend language learners bring a Japanese-speaking friend or family member to understand and enjoy the festival fully.

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