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Inquiries: Environmental Quality Preservation Division (Tel: 042-514-8298)

Dog Registration and Rabies Immunizations

The law designates that dogs ninety-one days of age or older must be registered with the city (once in the dog’s lifetime), and vaccinated once a year to prevent rabies.

Dog Registration

The registration fee is \3,000. Registration is handled at the Environmental Quality Preservation Division on the third floor of the City Office. (If you have recently moved into Hino City, please bring the dog registration tag from your previous address. After completing your change of address forms, you can exchange the dog tag free of charge.)

Rabies Immunizations

Please immunize your dog between April and the end of June, and receive a rabies immunization completion certificate and a dog tag (metal, heart-shaped). If you have only received the certificate, please bring it to the Environmental Quality Preservation Division on the third floor of the City Office and obtain your dog tag. The handling fee is \550.

Death Notification for Your Dog

If your dog dies, you must file a death notification. Please bring the dog tag you received when you registered your dog, and complete the designated procedures at the Environmental Quality Preservation Division. Please note that you can also file your notification by telephone.

Subsidies for Cat-Spaying Surgery

To prevent stray cats from reproducing, subsidies are provided for spaying. Applications filed after the surgery are not accepted. After you make a reservation with a veterinary hospital affiliated with the Japan Veterinary Medical Association, please file an application with the City Office. Please note that the budget is restricted, so call the Environmental Quality Preservation Division first. The amount of the subsidy is \3,000.

Dog Park

Hino City Dog Park (Wan-Park Hino) is located in Komagata Park on the upper fork of the Asa River from Takahata Bridge. This is an open area where you can play with your dog without a leash. It is also a place where pet owners can exchange information and spread awareness about the rules out of common courtesy. Please follow the rules for the use of this park.

Consultation on Pets, Stray Cats and Lost Dogs

Tokyo Metropolitan Animal Shelter Consultation Center, Tama Branch Office
Tel: 042-581-7435
Location: 1-192-33 Ishida


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