Garbage and Recycling

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Inquiries: Waste Reduction Division (Tel: 042-581-0444)

Garbage and Recyclable Resources Collection Schedule

Garbage Type

Collection Frequency

Garbage Type

Collection Frequency

Combustible garbage

Twice a week


Every other week

Noncombustible garbage

Once a week


Every other week

Hazardous garbage

Once a week

Small appliances/metal items

Once every four weeks


Once every 4 weeks

Plastic PET bottles

Once every four weeks

Magazines/miscellaneous paper

Every other week

Polystyrene foam trays

Once every four weeks


Every other week

Oversized garbage

Reservations required

Paper cartons

Every other week

Business-related garbage

As a rule, you must be
handle this yourself

Old clothes/rags

Every other week



  1. The garbage collection schedule depends on the area where you live. Please refer to the Garbage and Recyclable Resources Sorting Calendar that is distributed to each home.
  2. To apply for the collection of oversized garbage, please call Hino Environment Conservation, Co. Ltd. (Tel: 042-581-4331).)

Home Appliance Recycling Law Items

The Home Appliance Recycling Law applies to TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators (freezers), laundry machines and dryers.


Collection/transportation fees and re-merchandising (recycling) fees must be paid by the consumer.

Who Collects These Items

  1. The store of purchase or the store where you are buying a replacement
  2. A location designated by the manufacturer (inquiries: Home Appliance Recycling Ticket Center, Tel: 0120-319640)
  3. In addition to the above, you can contact a company listed on page 23 of the Garbage and Recyclable Resources Sorting Calendar and ask them to handle your used item.

 Kitchen Scrap-Handling Compost Containers Purchase Subsidy

The subsidy is for half of the purchase price (maximum: \10,000). File an application form (which can be downloaded from the Hino City website) with the Waste Reduction Division within Center for Processing Waste, either in person or by mail. (Note: The subsidy is not provided for electronic types, and the number of subsidies is restricted.) Hino City recommends cardboard compost containers (\500). Please try them out.
Note: A cardboard compost container makes fertilizer using bamboo powder in a cardboard box together with kitchen scraps. Through the power of microorganisms, the kitchen scraps are broken down and turned into fertilizer. Compared to other kitchen scrap-handling compost containers, the cardboard type is low in price, and therefore more economical. Furthermore, since users of Disabled Welfare Service Centers produce the containers, your purchase will support the employment of the disabled.

Recycle Shops and Funiture Recycling Center

Funiture Recycling Center, 電話: 042-581-5960

Household items that you no longer need can be recycled and sold. If you would like to provide items for recycling, please call the office in advance.
Location: 6-5-6 Manganji
Hours: 午前9時30分 a.m. to 午前4時30分 p.m. (except during the year-end/New Year’s holidays)
Items handled: Furniture and appliances (such as lights and audio equipment), dinnerware and more

Hino City Resident Recycle Shop Kaiten Ichiba

Mainly clothes and sundries (restricted to items in good condition); if you plan to bring a lot of items, please call in advance.
Manganji Shop; 電話: 042-587-1781:

  • Location: Manganji Town Bldg. 2F, 2-24-7 Manganji
  • Hours: Wednesday through Sunday (closed on national holidays), 11 a.m. to 午前5時30分 p.m.

Tamadaira Shop; 電話: 042-587-8707:

  • Location: 7-23-2 Tamadaira
  • Hours: Tuesdays through Saturdays (closed on national holidays) 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Consultation on Garbage

If you have questions about how to sort or dispose of garbage, please consult the Waste Reduction Division.
In addition, you can ask questions at the garbage consultation service counter on the first floor of the City Office (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9:30 to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.), so please take advantage of the services there as well.


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