The Elderly and Nursing Care

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Community Comprehensive Support Centers (Chiiki Hokatsu Shien Center)

Community Comprehensive Support Centers are local consultation service counters in Hino City that handle welfare for the elderly. A public health nurse (or nurse), social welfare worker, and chief nursing care support specialist form a specialized team, and offer consultation and assistance for the elderly living in the neighborhood. Please feel free to ask for advice.


Mogusa, Ochikawa, Hodokubo (excluding 1- through 8-chome), Misawa 2-chome and Misawa block numbers 1289 through 1294
Address: 1070 Ochikawa
Tel: 042-599-0536


Takahata, Misawa (excluding block numbers 1289 through 1294), Misawa 1- and 3- through 5-chome, Arai, Ishida (Asagawa-Minami) and Hodokubo 1- through 8-chome
Address: 864-4 Takahata
Tel: 042-593-1919


Toyoda, Higashi-Toyoda, Asahigaoka 2-, 5-, and 6-chome, Tamadaira 1- and 2-chome and Fujimachi
Address: Precious Toyoda 1F, 3-1-8 Toyoda
Tel: 042-582-7367


Tamadaira 3- through 7-chome, Hinodai 4- and 5-chome and Osakaue
Address: 6-31-7 Tamadaira
Tel: 042-586-9141


Hino-Honmachi, Shinmei, Hinodai 1- through 3-chome, Sakaemachi and Shinmachi
Address: 6-3-17 Hino-Honmachi
Tel: 042-589-3560


Manganji, Kamida, Kawabe-Horinouchi, Hino, Miya, Ishida (Asagawa-Kita) and Ishida 1- and 2-chome
Address: 1-16-1 Manganji
Tel: 042-582-1707

Iki-Iki Town

Higashi-Hirayama 2- and 3-chome, and Hirayama
Address: 3-1-1 Higashi-Hirayama
Tel: 042-585-7071


Address: 7-19-13 Minamidaira
Tel: 042-599-5531


Asahigaoka 1-, 3-, and 4-chome, Nishi-Hirayama, and Higashi-Hirayama 1-chome
Address: 1-12-1 Nishi-Hirayama
Tel: 042-589-1710

Nursing Care Insurance

Inquiries: Senior Citizen Welfare Division (Tel: 042-514-8509)
Nursing Care Insurance is a program operated by Hino City in which members pay insurance premiums, can receive approval for various services (such as “Needs Nursing Assistance” or “Needs Nursing Care”), and use these services. Together with private companies, a wide range of services is available.

Everyone Forty Years of Age or Older Must Enroll

All registered residents of Hino City forty years of age or older must enroll in Hino City Nursing Care Insurance. There are type 1 members, who are 65 years of age or older, and type 2 members, who are between 40 and 64 years of age. All members must pay insurance premiums.

Services Can Be Used at 10 Percent of the Cost

Charges are incurred when services are used. As a rule, insurance covers 90 percent of the cost. A monthly ceiling is designated for each category such as “Needs Nursing Assistance” or “Needs Nursing Care.”. If services are used within this designated range, the personally borne expense is 10 percent.

Concerning Insurance Members

Those forty years of age or older join the program and become members of Hino City Nursing Care Insurance. There are two types of members according to age. The requirements for use of the services, the insurance premium calculation method, and payment methods all vary.

Welfare Services for the Elderly

The following services are available. Please call for more information on these and other services.
Inquiries: Senior Citizen Welfare Division (Tel: 042-514-8495)

Support for Difficulties of the Elderly “O-zora” (Social Welfare), Tel: 042-585-5252)

Help is provided for small problems in households with only elderly or disabled members, such as changing a light bulb (noncontinuous jobs that do not require specialized technical skill that can be completed within about 30 minutes). (Fee: \300 each time.)

Home Elderly Care Services (Hino City Social Welfare Council, Tel: 042-591-1567)

City resident-participation paid home services are conducted for elderly persons who have difficulty with everyday tasks so that they can live at home (such as help with housework and help with their surroundings).

Silver Passes (Tokyo Bus Council, Tel: 03-5308-6950)

Tokyo Metropolitan Silver Passes, usable on private bus lines in metropolitan Tokyo, To-Bus, Toei subway lines, and the Toden Line, are available (valid period: October 1 through September 30 every year).

Emergency Alert System

A wireless alert system can be rented for elderly persons who live alone in case they become suddenly ill or are involved in an emergency situation. When used, the fire department is alerted via a private company and an ambulance is dispatched.

Fire Safety System

Elderly persons who live alone and are recognized as needing special consideration during fire emergencies due to their physical or mental health conditions or home environment can rent fire alarms, automatic fire extinguishing devices, gas security systems, electromagnetic cookers and a specialized device that alerts the Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Department automatically in case of a fire.

Elderly Watchful Care Support Network

Fureai Watchful Care promotion staff (cooperative members in the community registered with Hino City) greet the elderly at the entrance of their homes (about once a month) or casually check on their condition (about once a week), and provide other watchful care of the elderly as a community, such as by the police, fire department, post office, or garbage collection workers during their work.
There are also programs that create opportunities for the elderly to casually visit and have friendly exchanges (Fureai Salon).

SOS Network for the Roaming Elderly Suffering from Senile Dementia

By registering the elderly who are prone to roam around due to senile dementia, and with the cooperation of related institutions, the roaming elderly can be found quickly.
A shoe sticker, which is useful for this purpose, is distributed to those who register.


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