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The education system in Japan includes six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of high school, and two or four years of college. Education is compulsory up through the junior high school level. The school year is from April through March of the following year.


Inquiries: Municipal Kindergartens → School Division (Tel: 042-514-8719)
Private Kindergartens → Child Care Division (Tel: 042-514-8637)
Hino City has four municipal kindergartens. These schools recruit four- and five-year-old children for their programs. Hino City offers reduction and exemption programs for childcare fees as well as subsidies depending on the parents’ income conditions, so that everyone can receive preschool education.

Elementary School and Junior High School

Inquiries: School Division (Tel: 042-514-8719)
There are seventeen elementary schools and eight junior high schools in Hino City. Our city has a school choice system. If you live near a border between school districts, you can choose a school in one of the bordering districts.

School Entrance Financial Aid System

Inquiries: General Division (Tel: 042-514-8692)
Families in financial difficulties that have an elementary or junior high school student can receive school entrance financial aid.

High School

Children that have graduated from a junior high school in Japan or students that have received nine years or more of education overseas may take a high school entrance exam. Those who pass an entrance exam can attend a high school in Japan.
Note: Hino City has a high school scholarship program.

Consultation concerning Educational Administration

Inquiries: General Division (Tel: 042-514-8692)
The Hino City Board of Education has a consultation service counter for educational administration. Please feel free to share your thoughts and requests.

Subsidies for Parents of Students Attending a Foreign School

Inquiries: City Promotion Division (Tel: 042-514-8098)
Subsidies are available to parents/guardians whose children live in Hino City and are enrolled in a foreign school (of the various types of schools, a school for foreign residents that is equivalent to the education of elementary or junior high school).


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