Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Inquiries: Health Division (Tel: 042-581-4111)

Mother and Child Health Handbook

When you receive confirmation at a medical institution that you are pregnant, please submit a pregnancy notification to receive your Mother and Child Health Handbook. The Mother and Child Health Handbook is necessary for maintaining a record of your pregnancy checkups, infant/toddler health checkups for the baby after he/she is born, and immunizations.

Issuing Locations

Health Division (inside the Health and Welfare Center [Seikatsu Hoken Center])

  1. Specialized staff, such as public health nurses, interview all expectant mothers when they file a pregnancy notification.
  2. Some documents are required to write your My Number (individual number). Please call for more information.

Pregnancy Health Checkup

To ensure the good health of the mother and fetus, checkup slips for fourteen health checkups, a cervical cancer checkup and an ultrasound checkup are enclosed in the Mother and Child Health Bag you receive when you file your pregnancy notification. Please use them at a cooperating medical institution in Tokyo.

Subsidies for Pregnancy Health Checkup Expenses and More

Subsidies are available for part of the cost of health checkups if you undergo a checkup at a medical institution or maternity center where pregnancy health checkup slips cannot be used, and if you pay the cost of the checkup yourself (only for checkups in Japan).


Registered residents of Hino City at the time of the pregnancy health checkup

Application deadline

Within one year from the date of childbirth or the last pregnancy health checkup.

Mother and Father Classes (classes for both parents)

Classes including lectures and practice on pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing are held for expectant mothers, fathers and other family members.
We recommend attending these classes during the stable middle pregnancy stage (16 to 27 weeks into the pregnancy). All others may participate upon consultation.

Checkups for Congenital Metabolism Abnormality and More

Checkups are conducted for babies 5 to 7 days after birth at designated hospitals in Tokyo. Please apply by completing the form available at the medical institution or maternity center where you have your child.

Medical Care for Premature Babies

If a child is born prematurely, weighed 2,000 g or less and receives necessary hospital care at a designated medical institution, there is a subsidy program that covers the medical fees. If you receive insurance-covered medical care, the personally borne expense can be partially or even entirely covered depending on your household income.

For Those Having Difficulty Paying Childbirth Expenses

If you have difficulty paying childbirth fees, you can enter a designated maternity center. Since income restrictions apply in this program, please consult the Safety-net Call Center (Tel: 042-514-8546).


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