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The taxes that city residents pay support the city’s economy. By providing a wide range of services from these taxes, we do our best so that all city residents can lead happy and comfortable lives.

Income Tax

Every year, most residents file an income tax report with the Tax Office between mid-February and mid-March. Those whose income tax is subtracted from their monthly salary and adjusted at the year’s end at their place of employment are not required to file this report. However, if you have a high income, or income from another source other than salary above a designated amount, you must file an income tax report.

Resident Tax

Those with an address, office or home in Hino City as of January 1 of that year, must pay resident tax according to the income earned during the previous year.

Other Taxes

Other taxes that must be paid include fixed assets tax for property, such as land or homes, owned as of January 1 of that year; and motor vehicle/light motor vehicle tax for cars or motorcycles owned as of April 1 of the year.

Consultation Concerning City Taxes

  • City/Metropolitan Resident Tax, Light Motor Vehicle Tax: Resident Tax Division (Tel: 042-514-8238, 042-514-8235)
  • Fixed Assets Tax, City Planning Tax: Property Tax Division (Tel: 042-514-8252, 042-514-8257)
  • Concerning Tax Payment: Tax Payment Division (Tel: 042-514-8271, 042-514-8259, 042-514-8957)

How to Pay Taxes

Invoices for taxes will be mailed to you. Please pay them at the Hino City Office Main Bldg., branch offices, designated financial institutions, Japan Post Bank, or designated convenience stores. You can also pay by account transfer, which is very convenient.

If you would like to pay city taxes using the account transfer method, please apply at your financial institution or the Tax Payment Division.

Obtaining Tax Certificates

If you need a taxation certificate, tax payment certificate, or fixed assets-related certificate, bring some form of personal identification (such as a driver’s license or health insurance care) and apply for one at the Resident Service Counter Division, Nanao Branch, or at the Toyoda Station Contact Center. Please note that if you have someone apply on your behalf, a proxy letter is required.


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