Personal Seal Registration

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Personal seal registration is an important matter that protects our rights and property. Whenever money or property is transacted, a personal seal registration certificate is almost always required. To prevent any trouble, please register your personal seal and keep it in a safe place.
Notifications are accepted at the City Office Main Bldg. or the Nanao Branch (except on Saturdays).
City Office Main Bldg. (Resident Service Counter Division, Tel: 042-514-8206)
Nanao Branch (Tel: 042-591-7712)

Application Procedure

The applicant should bring the personal seal to be registered to either the Resident Service Counter Division on the first floor of the City Office or the Nanao Branch, and complete registration procedures. (Although the Toyoda Station Contact Center can issue personal seal registration certificates, they do not conduct personal seal registration.) After receiving your application, the City Office will send you a document by mail to confirm your identity. When you bring in the response sheet and your identity is confirmed, your personal seal will be officially registered.

If a proxy files an application on your behalf, the personal seal to be registered and a proxy letter are required. If you complete registration procedures in person and bring the following documents to confirm your identity, there is no need to mail the confirmation letter and you can register immediately.

  • A valid license or passport issued by a public office with a tally impression or raised stamp on your ID photo, or another official document like a driver’s license.

Note: Only one seal per person can be registered.
Personal seal registration fee: \200

Who Can Register a Personal Seal

If you are a registered resident of Hino City (except for adult wards) and at least fifteen years of age, you can register a personal seal.

Personal Seals That Cannot Be Registered

  1. Seals that do not show the full name, first name, last name, or initial of the first or last name written on the resident registration
  2. Seals that show categories other than the name, such as occupation or qualifications
  3. Seals that could easily change shape, such as rubber stamps
  4. Seals with an imprint that will fit within an 8-mm square or will not fit within a 25-mm square
  5. Seals with imprints that are not clear (the edges of which is broken or worn down)
  6. Seals that are already registered by someone in the same household, or those with the same imprint
  7. Items with an inverted imprint (inverted engraving)

Obtaining a Personal Seal Registration Certificate

To receive a certificate, the applicant should bring his/her personal seal registration card or Hino City resident card and complete personal seal registration certificate application procedures in person. If you are not able to come to the City Office yourself, a proxy can complete application procedures on your behalf. In this case, your entrusting the proxy with your personal seal registration card confirms your intention; a proxy letter is therefore not required.
Please note that a personal seal registration certificate cannot be issued if the registration card is not presented, or if the application form is not completed correctly.
Personal seal registration certificate fee: \200 per copy
Issuing location: City Resident Service Counter Section, Nanao Branch, or Toyoda Station Contact Center


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