Residence Management System

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Inquiries: Resident Service Counter Division (Tel: 042-514-8206)

Concerning Foreign Residents

The following foreign residents living in Japan must complete basic resident registration.
A resident registration slip will be created for you that is the same as what Japanese residents receive. You must also complete a residence change notification.
Note: Information that was recorded on the foreign resident registration according to the former Alien Registration Act—such as the address in the home country, place of birth, occupation and passport number—is not recorded on the resident registration slip.

Foreign Residents Who Receive a Resident Registration

Mid- or long-term stay visa holders are eligible for a residence card. This includes foreign residents other than those with a visa period of stay of three months or less, or a visa status of short-term, diplomat, or official business.

Special permanent residents are eligible for a special permanent resident certificate. This includes special permanent residents designated according to the Special Act on the Immigration Control of, Inter Alia, Those Who Have Lost Japanese Nationality Pursuant to the Treaty of Peace with Japan.

Temporary refuge or provisional-stay permit holders. This includes foreign residents with an entrance permit to Japan for temporary refuge according to Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act standards, and foreign residents who have applied for refugee status and have received a permit to stay temporarily in Japan.

Those who are overstaying in Japan due to birth or having lost Japanese nationality. This includes those who are foreign residents due to the birth of a child or the loss of Japanese nationality (these foreign residents may stay in Japan without a visa for up to sixty days after the aforementioned circumstances occur).

About Special Permanent Resident Certificates

The foreign resident registration certificate was eliminated with the revision in the law on July 9, 2012, and was replaced by the special permanent resident certificate.
The foreign resident registration certificate is handled as a special permanent resident certificate equivalent for a designated period of time. If you have a special permanent resident certificate equivalent, please convert it as soon as possible.

Period During Which the Foreign Resident Registration Certificate Is Considered a Special Permanent Resident Certificate Equivalent

Sixteen years of age or older: Until the next confirmation (renewal) application period begins
Under sixteen years of age: Until the sixteenth birthday

Items Required to Obtain or renew a Special Permanent Resident Certificate

  1. Foreign resident registration certificate (special permanent resident certificate equivalent) or your current special permanent resident certificate (for renewals)
  2. Photo
    • Photo showing only the applicant
    • Photo measurements: 4 cm long x 3 cm wide
    • Without a hat and facing forward
    • Without background scenery (including shadows)
    • Must be clear
    • Must have been taken within the past three months before submission
  3. Passport
    • Must be valid at the time of application
      Note: Not required if you do not have a passport.
  4. Documentation certifying receipt of a lost item report from the police department
    Only necessary in the case of a card being reissued due to loss or theft.


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