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Located in the central part of Tokyo, Hino City is a town on a plain with spring waters and slopes rich in natural greenery, and is blessed with the pure waters of the Tama and Asa rivers. While Hino is an industrial city that has played host to large corporations since the early Showa Period, it is also a town where agriculture prospered, to the point it was called “the rice storage house of Tama.”

Tourist sites in Hino such as Tama Zoo and Takahata Fudoson Temple—one of the three leading Fudoson temples in the Kanto area—bustle with families and other visitors. Hino is also the hometown of Toshizo Hijikata and Genzaburo Inoue, two captains of the famed Shinsengumi police force. The Hino Shinsengumi Festival takes place every May, drawing fans from across Japan.

Despite the national trends of low birthrate and an aging society, Hino City is working on sustainable city planning so that we can pass on welfare, medical treatment, education, urban foundation and industry to the next generation. Making use of the city’s cultural assets, we are focusing on city planning that encourages the growth of the city’s good qualities and unique character of our communities with the slogan “The forces of the people and the town pioneer a future filled with potential.”


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